Reforesting and Preserving Historical Sites


posumljavanje sutomore

In 2017 a great fire engulfed the hill Golo Brdo (‘Naked Hill’) that once adorned Sutomore; and devasted the lungs of our beloved town. The fire also made access to the Tabija Fortress almost impossible. Tabija Fortress was built in 1862 to serve as a Turkish defence, together with the neighbouring Haj-Nehaj Fortress.

Due to the absence of ecological awareness for protection of the natural gifts, beauties and historical sights and lack of timely action – people have unfortunately contributed to the fact that ‘Naked Hill’ is indeed naked today.

Golo Brdo must not be left bare and neglected. We want to contribute to its regeneration by reforesting the hill and helping to preserve its historical site.

With your support, the gem that is Sutomore can and should become one of the most beautiful resorts in Montenegro.

Please contact us to join; donate or otherwise offer your support for this action.