Golden Third Age


Klub penzionera Sutomore

The culture and level of development for each state of maturity is primarily reflected in the way of its elders. A society that is not based on the wisdom and care of the elderly population – cannot hope for real progress, nor does it truly deserve it.

Needless to remind any of us that retirees are the people who created us, nurtured us, fed us, educated us and selflessly advocated and burned for us and our country. That is why we want and owe them a safe and beautiful, golden old age.

Until further notice, there is no known facility, park, association or project in Sutomore to take care of our pensioners. This is why we appeal to our grandparents to start building and providing a retirement club, where they will be happy to gather. We are aware that they need a place to socialise, share stories; a place where they can play board games, learn how to nurture their health; enjoy the view and the environment; where they can be free to share their life’s wisdom with friendly passers-by – especially the youth – where they will feel loved and protected while doing so.

We are sure that Sutomore needs this kind of action for a more beautiful, happier and healthier third age, and that the establishment of a retirement club has long been a neglected necessity for the community.

That is why we invite everyone who wants to join us in the action of founding a retirement club in Sutomore to contact us or donate here. We are grateful for all your ideas, information, contribution and donations.