Cleaning Our Beaches & Surroundings

“If the world is to be put in order, first the people need to change.
If my people need to change, my town needs to be restored.
If my hometown is to be restored, my family needs to improve.
If my family is to improve, first I must change.”

– Barbara De Angelis (1951 – 1992)

sutomorska plaza

Sutomore is a popular Montenegrin summer resort on the Adriatic Sea. It is believed to have originated in 1862, when the first houses were built on the coast, although the first inhabitants arrived as early as the 16th century. Today this village has about 2000 inhabitants and belongs to the municipality of Bar. It is the most visited summer resort in Montenegro considering its great geographical location between the capital Podgorica and the principal Montenegrin’s port Bar, its vicinity to two international airports and good connection of drums and railway traffic; due to its proximity to Skadar’s lake, St Stefan Islet, Ada Bojane, Rafting on Tara river and Ostrog Monastery – and primarily due to its very beautiful, diverse and healing beaches.

The main beach of Sutomore stretches in continuation over 2 km. For years, many have been alleviating their rheumatic problems on the sandy beach ‘Zlatna obala’, as well as on the surrounding nearby smaller beaches, rich in clay of high therapeutic quality. In addition to sandy and clay beaches, Sutomore has beaches of pebbles and stones of the most incredible colours, textures and shapes; rocky wild nudist beaches, small romantic beaches in bays surrounded by Pines and Cypresses that offer a cooling shade even in the hottest days… Unfortunately, due to human negligence and underdeveloped communal cleaning utilities – these pearls of Montenegrin coastline are often neglected and full of waste and plastic.

Our goal is to preserve the natural beauties of Sutomore. In order to ensure a level of hygiene, these jewels of the Montenegrin Adriatic truly deserve, we are organising voluntary actions to properly clean them and organise promotional materials, workshops, lectures for raising ecological awareness. We trust our work will set a positive example and inspire the residents and tourists of Sutomore to better respect our environment and gifts of nature.

“It is beautiful to spend a day on the beaches of Sutomore. There is also beauty in human dignity that leaves them clean behind. Most of the Montenegrins have sunbathed, swam in the sea and learned to swim on these very beaches of Sutomore – and our children and grandchildren equally deserve to enjoy them. Please help us maintain the hygiene of our environment. Thank you for loving and taking care of Sutomore.”